Why Night Club Should Use RGBW LED Panel Lights?

The RBGW LED panel lights showcase a stunning twist. Where you can easily play between red, green, blue and white lights. These panels come with vibrant and alluring red, blue, and green lights that can bring any space to life.

When looking to add the perfect lights nightclub owners often forget the RBGW LED panel light options, and go for disco balls, flickers, and supporting lights that are now out of trend. Today’s nightclubs offer a clean and charming appearance that gets the visitor’s mood going. To help you understand their importance and impact we have listed down a few reasons why nightclub owners should purchase RBGW LED panel lights.

  1. Collaboration – The RBGW LED panel lights come with three different bulbs. These offer red, blue and green light, but what most people miss is that you can use red, green, and blue bulbs to create different hues. Just like paint, when you mix two or three colors you are able to create a completely new color. This way your nightclub will never look dull or boring, as you can set up a completely unique and charming setting for each night.
  2. Remote – The RGB LEd panel lights come with a wireless remote that allows you to manage their working, intensity, and colors. So let’s say you wish to play on a different light shows, then you will easily be able to achieve your goal by pressing different buttons. The remote is small enough to fit in your pocket and offers a great range. Allowing you complete control regardless of where in the night club you are standing.
  3. White – The best thing about RBGW LED panel lights is that they come with a basic white light as well. So if you ever wish to create a clean look you can turn from any color to basic white. Enhancing the space, or setting up the perfect mood. Either way, you can enjoy the basic white light that offers a clear vision and adds emphasis to the things place in your nightclub.

These three reasons are just the beginning, as the RGBW LED panel lights come with the basic features and advantages any LED panel light has to offer. Making them a smart and stylish investment for your night club. So your guest can enjoy different lighting with a clean appearance, while you save on electricity, and bulb costs. A great change, that will have a great impact on how you run your business.

How Much Do LED Panel Lights Cost?

When choosing the right LED panel light one of the most important factors you consider is the price of the LED panel light. This way you can asses how much the panels will cost you when replacing old lights, and how will you be able to save.

Considering each manufacture is different and comes with a different set of prices you will find different ranges when looking online. However, the key is to find a LED panel lights manufacturer and supplier that offers you panel lights running on the latest technology, and those manufactured to last for years to come. Its quality should be your main priority as it makes all the difference in the world. The second aspect you need to consider is the cost per panel light. By getting a pice price you can get a rough estimate. However, the only way you can get an economical rate is by opting to buy in bulk.

No matter which manufacturer or supplier you choose, when you tell them you are looking to buy in bulk they will be more than willing to offer you a lower total. Which is why we suggest you get in touch with the supplier once you know which led panels you need, and their quantity. This way you will get a discount on your complete order. A great place to start saving, as LED panel lights are an investment that will pay for itself in years to come. While you enjoy the advantages of its intense lighting and cost-effective feature.

Price of LED Panel Lights:

The price of LED panel lights is based on different aspects starting for the size of the LED panel you wish to order. The smaller the panel the cheaper it will be compared to others. However, we suggest you pick the panels based on your space and it’s requirements. Buying double small panels can end up costing you more. Which is why you must consider all your options based on the space.

Another important factor in the price of LED panel lights is their features. As you know some LED panel lights come with the option of RBG lighting, while others offer a dimmer switch. Both LED panel lights are available at a different cost, allowing you the opportunity to keep your budget in check while making sure you get LED panel lights that work for you.

The best way to make a solid decision is by keeping the bigger picture in mind. How much will the LED panel lights help save, how investing now will help payback in months to come. With a lower electricity bill heading your way each month, the price of LED panel lights will work out perfectly.

Which Is The Best Color Temperature For LED Panel Lights?

When working with LED panel lights there are a few aspects you should always keep in mind. One of the most important aspects to consider is the Kelvin of your LED panel lights. The Kelvin refers to the “K” placed in front of LED light panels temperature. There is 4000K, 5000K, and 6500K to choose from. The simple rule to follow is, the higher the Kelvin number the warmer the LED panel lights color will be. Similarly, the lower the number of Kelvin the colder the color of the LED panel light.

To help you understand better, we have taken three different LED panel lights. The 3000K Warm White, the 4000K Natural White, and the 6000K Cold White. While the adjustable white CCT panels come in 28000K to 65000K range. These lights are set in different Kelivins so you can pick the perfect LED panel light for the space. As different areas or settings call for different temperatures. Making sure you are adding an LED panel light that will bring out the space perfectly.

3000K LED Panel Lights – These panels are mostly used in reception halls, shops, restaurants, changing rooms, and even offices. As they help create a cozy and enlightening impact that keeps up with an easy-going atmosphere. Under these lights workers, and customers will feel invited and comfortable.

4000K LED Panel Lights – These LED panel lights are the most commonly used LED lights, as they offer a neutral light impact. Offering you the perfect setting for showrooms, offices, beauty salons, hair salons, schools, and commercial and residential kitchens. With their perfect balance, you can strike a healthy compromise between warm white and cold white.

6000K LED Panel Lights – The 6000K choice ensures excellent visibility in various areas. Making it a smart choice for shops, offices, clothing stores, hospitals, dental clinics, warehouses, and workshops. These are the closed share you get to daylight with a subtle touch of blue. So you can enhance the visibility of the space while adding emphasis on each item.

Ways to Find The Best LED Panel Lights Manufacturer in China

When looking for the best-LED panel lights manufacture in China one should consider their options wisely. LED manufacturers are wholesalers who sell their product in bulk. They manufacture different sizes and types of panel lights that can cover a wide range of customer base. However, some manufacturers are selling the latest LED technology, while others are working on old technology that does not last nor comes with energy efficiency. Which is why you need to find the best-LED panel lights manufacturer in China.

China is currently leading the LED market, as the majority of production and assembling of LED light panels is done in China. Making China the perfect place to purchase your LED panels from. To help you navigate around the market, we have listed down a few ways you can find the best-LED panel lights manufacturer in China.

Research – The only way to get to know your manufacturer is by running deep research on them online. A little research can go a long way, as it helps you understand the type of business your manufacturer in running, and how invested are they in their venture. If their website does not offer many details, or their customer service is flakey, then you should start looking at someone else. A manufacturer that does not offer information and support is not someone you can rely on.

Warranty – LED panel lights come with a warranty, as these lights are designed to last 50’000 hours. So before you make a purchase or get your heart set on a manufacturer you should ask them about their warranty policy. Or you can check their website to learn about the type of warranty they offer. This will help you assess the quality of LED panels they offer. As manufacturers who are secure about their products do not hesitate when offering a warranty.

Return Policy – One of the most important factors is the manufacturers return policy. Learn what happens when you receive a defected or damaged product, and what does the manufacturer do to replace these LED panels. Allowing you to learn about returns in details, as some manufacturers rip off their clients with faulty products and refuse to make an exchange.

These basic steps can help you find the best-LED panel lighting manufacturer in China. If you are worried about the language, you should be glad to know that most manufacturers offer website translation and support staff that speaks fluent English. Just because you are ordering from China does not mean you have to make a purchase in the dark. The more you learn about the LED panels and manufacturer the better protected you will be when making a huge investment.

Recommendation: 8 Popular LED Lighting for 2020

In the last few years LED lights have made a great impact by offering homes and commercial spaces a reason to switch. A green economical way to enjoy a more effective form of lighting. From color-changing, to motion sensor detection LED light has it all. Meaning you can easily pick an LED light that comes with the features you need. Making it the perfect addition to your commercial or residential property. With the passage of time we have seen LED lights polish in terms of appearance and use, and to help you pick out the perfect one for your space, we have listed down eight popular LED lights of 2019.

  1. LED Panel Light – The most used LED lighting today is LED panel lights, these lights are designed to replace conventional ceiling lights in home and commercial spaces. With their use, you can easily replace the old with the new, and that too without making a single dent in your ceiling. These LED panels come in different shapes and sizes that you can choose from, allowing you to switch to an efficient and effective working system in a matter of minutes.
  2. LED Light Bar – LED light bars are loved for their simple built and intensive lighting. These bars can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces, illuminating the space ahead of your perfectly. With added intensity these bars offer you lighting like you have never experienced before. As each bar regardless of its size packs high intensity.
  3. LED Strips Light – Strip lights have gained a great deal of popularity in the last few years, as they offer you a simple lighting solution. While these strip lights come in many colors to add a pop to your space, there are strip lights that offer intensive lighting that can easily light up your cabinets and closets. Offering you a clear and crisp view each time you open your cabinet.
  4. LED Flood Lights – Designed to withstand different weather conditions LED floodlights to offer an intensive lighting solution that you will appreciate. These floodlights come in different sizes, shapes, and with different features. So you can choose anything from a solar-powered LED floodlight to a stadium floodlight. Both floodlights are built on the same basic principle, while it’s features are different.
  5. LED Grow Lights – Commonly used in pubs, cafes, discos, and exotic restaurants. These LED grow lights pack a punch in term of lighting and flair. Using them you can easily create a different light setup that changes colors between red, blue, and green; while creating collaborations of others hues.
  6. LED Fog Lights – These round beauties have been around for years, and are still considered the best solution for intensive coverage and clarity. The LED fog lights come with a special frame and layer that cuts through the thickness of the fog ahead of you, offering you clear passage to drive through.
  7. LED Highbay Lights – Designed especially for commercial spaces highbay lights have taken over the commercial industry. With their sleek body and choices, you will not find a better lighting solution for your commercial space.
  8. LED Downlights – The lights can easily be recessed into the ceiling offering you the freedom to play around with the setup. As they offer you the lighting you need, without holding you to a certain setup or theme of the space. Used commercially and in homes, LED downlights are one of the best choices out there.