Shenzhen Easilux Co.,Ltd is one of the leading LED panel lights manufacture in the world. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and selling premium grade LED panel lights that can be used for residential, commercial, public sector, and special projects use. The company started back in 2013, and we have come a long way by maintaining our quality standards.

We are dedicated to offering you high quality, energy-saving, environmental friendly LED panel lights that will change the way you have been managing lighting. By keeping up with a premium grade technology and design system, we are able to offer you premium-grade LED panel lights that can help you cust down on your electricity cost while reducing the environmental impact. A customized LED panel lighting solution that offers more lighting, with less usage.

With a team of experienced and qualified professional, we have built a team that excels in every aspect of the LED world. Covering every single aspect from manufacturer to supplier. A one-stop shop where we design, construct and deliver. Our LED panel lights come with a long warranty and an even longer lifespan.

Easilux has been devoted to conducting a strategy that combines performance, industrial proficiency, appreciation for employees, the value of creation, local cultures, conservation of natural resources & energy, and environmental protection. To help achieve our goal, Easilux is based on our core values, that allows us to stay focused and work towards developing better technology and solutions every day.

Our Vision:

Here at Easilux, we work towards the future, to ensure that we are able to achieve the latest technology; allowing our LED panel users to access the latest technology and features. By focusing on various aspects of the LED world, and by working with experienced professionals we bring forward a quality like no other.

Core Values:

We believe in being honest in what we do, which includes being honest to our clients and our employees, and most importantly being honest to ourselves. Only by being honest to the company, will we be able to offer you a service you will never forget. While keeping our customers as our primary focus, we create a closely knitted system that keeps us on our toes.

Our Mission:

We focus on offering our clients the best possible service, while we strive to work on leading LED panel technology. Only by achieving the latter, will we be able to ensure the former. Our mission is to stay on top of our game by focusing on areas that matter the most. Only to achieve and learn with each passing year.