Advantages Of Installing LED Panel Lights & System

We have come far from the time when LED lighting was barely able to illuminate your cupboard. Today, LED lights are bright, long-lasting, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient than ever before. These LED panel lights have now found their way into homes and businesses that take complete advantage of their smart solution. Here is what they offer:

  • Power Consumption – One of the biggest selling features of LED panel light and system is their low power consumption. Offering you from 60% to 90% of savings when compared to old fashioned bulbs. Making them a greener solution, that can easily cut down your electricity bill for years to come.
  • Longer Lasting – By installing an LED panel light and system you will be able to enjoy a long-lasting system. As these LED bulbs are built to last twelve times as longer than old bulbs. Every single bulb comes with a 50’000 hour life expectancy rate, that can last for years. A great difference, when compared to standard bulbs that only offer 1500 hours.
  • Brighter – LED bulbs are designed to make the most out of their sleek body, so they offer you a richer lumen rate; this ensures brightness. Crafted by taking on the latest technology, these LED bulbs ensure a set standard of brightness that does not dim, or loses color over time.
  • Range – When looking into LED panel light you will find a complete range waiting for you. This way you won’t have to deal with space issues or shapes. When you have the choice between shapes and sizes. Allowing you the ability to replace your current system without causing any destruction.
  • Technology – LED panel lights are manufactured using safe technology when compared to the old lighting system. These panel light have entire systems dedicated to their efficient and effective working. For instance, the heat sink is placed right in the middle of each LED panel light distributing the heat equally in all directions, so it can cool up faster. In addition, it’s quality materials ensure a no mess situation that was caused by exploding bulbs.
  • Eco-Friendly – LED panel lights house LED bulbs that are completely eco-friendly in every way. Not only do they take on less energy to help save electricity. In addition, they are completely recyclable. One of the best features about an LED panel bulb is that it can help reduce carbons footprint. Cutting down on CO2 emissions that are caused by electricity production.
  • Easy Fitting – One of the best features of LED panels is that it can easily fit in existing setups. If you are replacing your old fluorescent tubes, then you can now do it easily with LED panels. They are the same in size, so you do not have to deal with new cuttings. Moreover, LED panels come with a technology that can easily be wired into the existing circuit. Saving you tons of money during installation.
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