Factors You Don’t Know About LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are affordable and efficient, but that is just the beginning. As LED panel lights play a significant role in our environment, boosting the movement without compromising on light and quality.

Earth day was invented back in 1970, when millions of individuals helped clean up, teach, and spread awareness about the environment. Hoping they are able to make a positive impact that others will follow into. As that point, the lighting system we were using was far from green, but today LED has taken over 20% of homes and businesses and is growing strong. With it the promise of going green. That is not all, here are seven factors you did not know about LED panel lights and how the help.

  1. Green House – Today, LED panel help save seven billion pounds of greenhouse gases. If every American household and business switch our just one fluorescent lighting with LED panel, we will be able to cut down on pollution caused by 648’000 cars.
  2. Save Energy – LED panels come with an energy-efficient solution that does not waste or produce hear. It can actually keep your system running cooly for hours at end. Moreover, it’s aluminum frame and bulbs keep a smart running system that takes on less wattage and creates a brighter solution.
  3. Range – LED panels are used in different commercial and residential projects, which is why they come in different shapes and sizes that meet your requirements. Why they offer you the ease of maintenance, safety, and the ability to focus on your surroundings.
  4. Mercury Free – The LED panels you use do not contain any mercury, and have a positive impact on the environment. The environment benefits are raised with each passing breakthrough, making sure the LED panels can keep a positive impact.
  5. Technology – LED panels today offer a solid-state lighting system that takes semi-conductors and converts electricity into light that powers the LED bulbs. Making them more energy-efficient and long-lasting than any other bulbs in the market today.
  6. Lasting – If you run an LED panel 24 hours every day, it can easily last for 3 years. Meaning, these LED panels are more powerful and reliable than other lighting solutions. As they are crafted using premium grade materials and technology that is designed to outlast all other options.
  7. Future – LED panels are taking over slowly, and it is expected that by 2030, we will be running on 75% LED panels. The number is based on the price drop of LED panels, and the long list of benefits it has to offer.

Commercial Appliations of Ceiling LED Panel Lights

Commercial usage of ceiling LED panel lights has grown a great deal over the last few years and is expected to cover approximately 75% of the industry in the coming years. The main reason behind this change is the promise of reduced electricity bills, replacement charges, and a better intensity light. With improved illumination, you are able to improve the productivity rate of your company, along with your employee’s morale. However, LED panel lights are not only used in offices these days; here how LED panel lights have impacted the commercial side.

Resturants – Most cafes and restaurants now work on LED panel lights as they can help make the perfect impact. When placed right LED panel lights can help you highlight certain spaces and sections beautifully, creating a natural flow that is hard to resist. Different cafes and restaurants now take on various colored LED panel lights to create a contrasting impact, a wonderful play on lighting.

Hospitals – One of the main users of LED panel lights. Hospitals need minimal design and maximum output. Which is why LED panel lights are their best choice. These lights are intensive but come with a soft touch that is easy on the eyes. Keeping their patients and visitors happy and comfortable. While ensuring a speedy recovery in every possible way.

Schools – LED panel light boost morale and productivity, making them a wonderful addition in schools. As the students flourish, the schools are able to cut down on their monthly electricity cost. A win-win situation for both sides.

Retail Shops – Have taken complete advantage of LED panel lights and their intensity, as it offers them a bouncing reflection on clothes that adds a special pop of color. This is why some retail shops offer more brighter and vibrant clothing than others. The lighting in your retail store makes all the difference, as the first impression is all that matters.

Grocery Shop – As soon as grocery shops understood that better coverage and range meant more sold goods they switched out their old tube lights with the new LED panel lights. These lights offer a great deal more coverage and range than before hitting every item on the shelf, allowing them to stand out from the crowd. This makes customers shopping experience more effective and efficient, making sure they keep coming back.

These spaces specify just a handful of commercial usage of LED panel lights, as panel lights have practically taken over the commercial side. Offering their sleek and powerful coverage to most commercial spaces today. These are said to grow in the coming years, as panel lights are easy to install, cost-effective, long-lasting, and best of all ultra-slim and easy to hide.

SMD3528 or SMD5630, Which LED is Good for LED Panel Lights?

The SMD numbers found on LED chips specify the surface mount diode of each LED in a panel light. However, it is not that easy to understand which is why we have compiled all the important information you need to understand which LED chip is better for you.

LED Chip DimensionsLumen FluxChip Surface AreaPower Consumption
35283.5 mm x 2.8 mm 6-8 lumens9.8 mm20-30 mA @ 2.8-3.4 Volts
56305.6 mm x 3.0 mm45-50 lumens16.8mm150 mA @ 2.8-3.4 Volts


What Are Lumens?

Lumens are a unit that is equal to the amount of light emitted per seconds. The higher the lumen rate the brighter the light will be. Similarly, the lower the lumen rate, the lower the intensity the LED packs.

Power Consumption:

Understanding how much you will be charged per month can be a little tricky. However, knowing the power consumption rate can help you make a well-educated assessment. If you are confused you can get in touch with the manufacturer, or ask someone at your local electricity office.

Which is The Brightest?

As the table indicates clearly the SMD5630 is the brightest of these two, but that is due to its large lighting surface alone. Many factors go into the brightness intensity of an LED panel, which is why you must understand the panel itself. The main factors that you should focus on are the design of the chip and the power they consume.

Which Option Covers a Wider Range?

When it comes to area cover the 5630 covers a wider range than the 3528 making it a clear winner amongst them. Moreover, the 5SMD5630 offers a sharp impact that really highlights the areas around its focused group as well. While the 3528 focuses on a small area, while it’s surrounding are completely dark.

When picking an LED chip you should keep in mind that an LED chip that works perfectly for someone else might not be best for you. This is because every individual has a unique space, and the LED chip that would work best depends on their setting. So we suggest you learn about the space, and how an LED chip will impact your space. Making the best possible decision keeping your space in mind.

Various Usage of LED Panel Lights

A large number of contemporary styled homes and commercial setting have switched to LED panel lights, rather than working with tube lights and bulbs; we see a huge difference in terms of lighting. This is mostly due to the fact that LED panel light offers an excellent working range, coverage, and is just a better choice when compared to traditional lightings. Known for their sleek aesthetic, these LED panels offer a luminous efficiency that you cannot deny. Making sure that you can enjoy well-distributed light that covers every inch of the space perfectly. Saving energy consumption, which in return allows you to save on electricity bills.

With the passage of time, we have seen LED panel lights in different shapes allowing them to set in different spaced. For instance, most homes have round and square-shaped LED panels installed, while commercial spaces take on rectangular and square designs. What makes them such an easy addition is the choices it comes with. Not only can you choose the size fo the LED panel you wish to add, but you can even choose its watts usage. Keeping your budget in check, while making a smart investment.

Furthermore, the choices you are presented with allows you to choose the size, shape, intensity, and even colors. So when you start looking into LED panels you will find that you have endless options that fit your requirements. Their versatility in terms of specifications is just what you need to make each space light up perfectly. To help you understand the different usage of LED light panels we have listed down a few different ways LED panels are used.

Restaurant – The next time you go into a restaurant take out a minute to notice how the counter-tops are more illuminated. This is achieved using LED lights, the difference in materials of the counter-top and LED light intensity can easily change the look of the space.

Backlights – Photographers use backlights to help capture unique images. The same method is used during videography and film shooting. As they take on differently sized and shaped LED panel lights to add the perfect touch. Creating a well-illuminated setting, where each aspect is well-lit and on point.

Trade Shows – During trade shows and exhibitions LED panel lights are used to create emphasis on products. This helps create a charming impact that customers and interested parties are driven towards. The use of LED panel lights is great, as it offers clarity and emphasis.

These are some way you can use different LED panel lights to illuminate the space, the more you know about LED panels and the kind of lighting you are after, the better choice you will be able to make. As it’s crucial to make the perfect impact without going overboard with LED lights.

Why LED Panel Lights are Ideal for Residential and Commercial Lighting

LED light panels are different than regular LED lights, as they are designed to emphasize lighting indoor spaces. Their main goal is to help boost visibility while keeping a soft touch. Making them a must have in residential and commercial spaces. To help you understand why LED panel lights are ideal for residential and commercial use, we have listed down a few reasons.

  1. Flexible in Design – When it comes to LED panel lights you can easily find a wide range of designs that fit your home or office space. These designs allow you to stay true to the setup you have, ensuring minimum damage and work when replacing old light. The aluminum frame of the lights is actually what makes such a difference in terms of design. Making sure you have a flexible design that can be flushed into the ceiling, or hanged using chains.
  2. Ultra Slim – A great feature about LED panel lights is that they are ultra slim, so you do not have to deal with anything bulky or ugly. You get sleek and well designed contemporary light panels that go perfectly with transitional, modern, and industrial themed spaces.
  3. High Quality – These simple to look at LED panel lights actually offer more lighting than any other traditional lights you were using, that too while taking on a minimum of electricity as possible. Moreover, these lights are crafted using premium-grade materials that are designed to last. Offering you equally distributed and quality lighting for years to come. One of the main reasons why LED panel lights work so beautifully is their well-placed heat skin, it allows the light to stay cool and works efficiently and effectively.
  4. Brightness – When it comes to brightness nothing beats an LED panel light, as it’s aluminum frame allows the light to really shine through. With LED light panels you will be able to enhance the coverage area while ensuring clear visibility at the same time.
  5. Color Options – Thankfully LED panels do not just come with a standard color. You can easily pick between different hues, keeping your work or home space in mind. This allows you the opportunity to explore different settings, and really make an impact with the changed lighting.
  6. Long-Lasting – One of the greatest perks is that LED panel light comes with quality LED lights that can easily last for more than 50000 hours. Meaning you won’t have to worry about dim lighting, or even replacing the LED lights for years at the least. So you can use them around the clock, and save money on making any changes.

These are some of the many reasons why LED panel lights are ideal for residential and commercial use. Along with these, you get endless benefits that you can take complete advantage of for years to come. LED panels were designed to fit any space that needed through lighting, and they have since then polished their appearance and heightened their intensity making them a great fit in many ways.

How to Choose Wholesale LED Panel Lights Supplier

When buying your LED panel lights in bulk there are a few things you should consider. The first thing you should do is consider getting your LED panel lights from a supplier who can easily sell you the panels at a bulk price. Saving you the trouble of wondering where the LED panels came from, and if you got the best possible deal. To help you out we will help you choose the perfect LED panel lights supplier when buying panels in bulk we have listed down a few things you should ask your supplier.

Do They Manufacture & Supply LED Panels Globally?

This will help you assess how small or large their supplying scale is. If you are looking to order a huge consignment, you must know if your supplier is capable of taking on such a huge order. Otherwise, you need to choose someone who can handle your demand and requirements. Moreover, asking about manufacturing can help shed light on where they get their supply of LED panel lights.

What Safety Certifications Does The LED Panel Come With?

Safety certifications and passive testings are crucial when checking the quality of an LED panel. As they help ensure safe and lasting results that you can benefit from. Which is why you must ask your supplier about the safety certifications and the testing process they have to ensure each LED panels safety and reliability status.

How Do They Ensure Safe Transportation?

LED panel light are light in weight and can be damaged during transportation. Rather than dealing with broken or damaged LED panels when they arrive, you should ask your supplier how they plan on packing and transporting your LED panel lights. In addition, you should ask them how they ensure each packages safe transport. Allowing you to rest assured that you are in good hands.

How Much Power Does The Panel Consume?

Knowing how much the power the LED panel consume can help you make the right decision. A quality LED panel light can help you cut your electricity bill in half, which is why you need to focus on this important matter. To ensure that your LED switch was the right decision, you need to purchase LED panel lights that come with a high ranking power saving capacity. This way, you will be able to save money on both ends.

Does The LED Panel Take Time To Warm Up?

Bulbs that take time to warm-up before offering complete brightness are not crafted using premium-grade and lasting LED technology. Which is why you LED panels that can instantly light up to their full capacity. By asking the right question you can save yourself the trouble of ordering the wrong panel light.

These simple questions can help you choose the ideal supplier when purchasing LED panel lights in bulk. As they allow you to get complete information beforehand, and while you still have time to make a well-education decision.