Factors You Don’t Know About LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are affordable and efficient, but that is just the beginning. As LED panel lights play a significant role in our environment, boosting the movement without compromising on light and quality.

Earth day was invented back in 1970, when millions of individuals helped clean up, teach, and spread awareness about the environment. Hoping they are able to make a positive impact that others will follow into. As that point, the lighting system we were using was far from green, but today LED has taken over 20% of homes and businesses and is growing strong. With it the promise of going green. That is not all, here are seven factors you did not know about LED panel lights and how the help.

  1. Green House – Today, LED panel help save seven billion pounds of greenhouse gases. If every American household and business switch our just one fluorescent lighting with LED panel, we will be able to cut down on pollution caused by 648’000 cars.
  2. Save Energy – LED panels come with an energy-efficient solution that does not waste or produce hear. It can actually keep your system running cooly for hours at end. Moreover, it’s aluminum frame and bulbs keep a smart running system that takes on less wattage and creates a brighter solution.
  3. Range – LED panels are used in different commercial and residential projects, which is why they come in different shapes and sizes that meet your requirements. Why they offer you the ease of maintenance, safety, and the ability to focus on your surroundings.
  4. Mercury Free – The LED panels you use do not contain any mercury, and have a positive impact on the environment. The environment benefits are raised with each passing breakthrough, making sure the LED panels can keep a positive impact.
  5. Technology – LED panels today offer a solid-state lighting system that takes semi-conductors and converts electricity into light that powers the LED bulbs. Making them more energy-efficient and long-lasting than any other bulbs in the market today.
  6. Lasting – If you run an LED panel 24 hours every day, it can easily last for 3 years. Meaning, these LED panels are more powerful and reliable than other lighting solutions. As they are crafted using premium grade materials and technology that is designed to outlast all other options.
  7. Future – LED panels are taking over slowly, and it is expected that by 2030, we will be running on 75% LED panels. The number is based on the price drop of LED panels, and the long list of benefits it has to offer.
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