How to Buy Good Quality LED Panel Lights?

LED panel lights are designed to offer you a high-quality and professional lighting solution, using the latest technology to ensure optimal energy saving moods. These LED panel lights are used in supermarkets, schools, hospitals, retail stores, shopping malls, offices, and even at homes. As they are the perfect solution when replacing standard ceiling lightings. Taking down the old and worn out fluorescent fixtures, and putting in these clean, long-lasting, energy-efficient LED panels. Only by using the perfect LED panel light will you be able to ensure lower energy consumption and higher light output.

Important Specifications of LED Panel Lights

Lumens and Watts – It all comes down to energy consumption and brightness. Which is why you need to understand the difference LED panel lights make. For instance, when you take out the traditional 60x60cm fluorescent fixture with the all-new 33W LED panel you are taking your wattage usage from 79W to 33W. Allowing you to save approximately 60% at the least. Cutting your energy bill by a great deal. While the lumens can help create perfect visibility without causing any distress.

Unified Glare Rating – The UGR of an LED panel is crucial, as it can help get the perfect visual comfort you need in the office, classroom, hospital, or any other commercial or residential space. If you brighten any space over excessively, then you can cause a glare, which leads to uncomfortable viewing.

Type of Panels – When picking an LED panel one must choose wisely, as different panels offer different features that you can take advantage of. For instance, the rectangular and square panels are the most commonly used panels that are ideal when replacing old fluorescent lights. Whereas round panel lights offer a lower profile and come in different diameters. While edge-lit panel lights shine from the sides, and can easily be dropped in the ceiling. However, there are choices such as temperature and brightness-adjustable LED panel lights. So it’s best to do your homework, and know the kind of LED panels you are after before making a purchase.

Built & Hardware – One of the easiest way to asses the quality of LED light is by checking the frame materials, and hardware used. These are the two main components that make an LED panel light what it is, which is why you need to check for a quality built that comes with a reliable warranty. Making sure you are making the right investment when switching from fluorescent to LED light panels.

These factors can help you get an idea on what it is exactly you need to be looking at when choosing good quality LED panel lights. Knowing a little about the product you are about to purchase can actually help make all the difference in the world.


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