Factors You Don’t Know About LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are affordable and efficient, but that is just the beginning. As LED panel lights play a significant role in our environment, boosting the movement without compromising on light and quality. Earth day was invented back in 1970, when millions of individuals helped clean up, teach, and spread awareness about the environment. Hoping […]

Commercial Appliations of Ceiling LED Panel Lights

Commercial usage of ceiling LED panel lights has grown a great deal over the last few years and is expected to cover approximately 75% of the industry in the coming years. The main reason behind this change is the promise of reduced electricity bills, replacement charges, and a better intensity light. With improved illumination, you […]

SMD3528 or SMD5630, Which LED is Good for LED Panel Lights?

The SMD numbers found on LED chips specify the surface mount diode of each LED in a panel light. However, it is not that easy to understand which is why we have compiled all the important information you need to understand which LED chip is better for you. LED Chip Dimensions Lumen Flux Chip Surface […]

Various Usage of LED Panel Lights

A large number of contemporary styled homes and commercial setting have switched to LED panel lights, rather than working with tube lights and bulbs; we see a huge difference in terms of lighting. This is mostly due to the fact that LED panel light offers an excellent working range, coverage, and is just a better […]

Why LED Panel Lights are Ideal for Residential and Commercial Lighting

LED light panels are different than regular LED lights, as they are designed to emphasize lighting indoor spaces. Their main goal is to help boost visibility while keeping a soft touch. Making them a must have in residential and commercial spaces. To help you understand why LED panel lights are ideal for residential and commercial […]

How to Choose Wholesale LED Panel Lights Supplier

When buying your LED panel lights in bulk there are a few things you should consider. The first thing you should do is consider getting your LED panel lights from a supplier who can easily sell you the panels at a bulk price. Saving you the trouble of wondering where the LED panels came from, […]