Which Is The Best Color Temperature For LED Panel Lights?

When working with LED panel lights there are a few aspects you should always keep in mind. One of the most important aspects to consider is the Kelvin of your LED panel lights. The Kelvin refers to the “K” placed in front of LED light panels temperature. There is 4000K, 5000K, and 6500K to choose from. The simple rule to follow is, the higher the Kelvin number the warmer the LED panel lights color will be. Similarly, the lower the number of Kelvin the colder the color of the LED panel light.

To help you understand better, we have taken three different LED panel lights. The 3000K Warm White, the 4000K Natural White, and the 6000K Cold White. While the adjustable white CCT panels come in 28000K to 65000K range. These lights are set in different Kelivins so you can pick the perfect LED panel light for the space. As different areas or settings call for different temperatures. Making sure you are adding an LED panel light that will bring out the space perfectly.

3000K LED Panel Lights – These panels are mostly used in reception halls, shops, restaurants, changing rooms, and even offices. As they help create a cozy and enlightening impact that keeps up with an easy-going atmosphere. Under these lights workers, and customers will feel invited and comfortable.

4000K LED Panel Lights – These LED panel lights are the most commonly used LED lights, as they offer a neutral light impact. Offering you the perfect setting for showrooms, offices, beauty salons, hair salons, schools, and commercial and residential kitchens. With their perfect balance, you can strike a healthy compromise between warm white and cold white.

6000K LED Panel Lights – The 6000K choice ensures excellent visibility in various areas. Making it a smart choice for shops, offices, clothing stores, hospitals, dental clinics, warehouses, and workshops. These are the closed share you get to daylight with a subtle touch of blue. So you can enhance the visibility of the space while adding emphasis on each item.

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